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    Flowing Lotus Mental Health & Training Center


    Welcome to Flowing Lotus Center, LLC., your premier online spiritual training institution dedicated to nurturing the next generation of spiritual healers and leaders. We are also a comprehensive mental health clinic serving adults, adolescents, and children dealing with psychiatric disabilities and mental illness, committed to enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.

    At Flowing Lotus Center, we believe that achieving mental and spiritual balance is essential for a fulfilling life. Our experienced team of clinicians and staff takes a multi-disciplinary approach to address your mental health needs. We offer a range of services tailored to your unique requirements, whether you’re seeking psychiatric care, therapy, or lifestyle modifications. 

    Our mental health assessment goes beyond traditional methods. We explore not only your mental and emotional well-being but also consider your physical, environmental, and spiritual health. This comprehensive approach ensures that we provide you with the most effective and personalized treatment plan in a safe and nurturing environment. Our team also assists in implementing lifestyle modifications to help you maintain a healthy and structured life.

    Flowing Lotus Center, LLC., is not just a mental health clinic; we are a sanctuary for spiritual growth and healing. Our online spiritual training programs are designed to inspire and guide the next generation of spiritual leaders. Whether you’re seeking mental health support or spiritual enlightenment, our dedicated team is here to assist you on your journey. Contact Flowing Lotus Center today to take the first step toward mental and spiritual well-being. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving balance, health, and personal growth.Flowing Lotus Center, LLC., is an online spiritual training institution inspiring the next generation of spiritual healers, and leaders.

    Our History

    Flowing Lotus derived from Empress of Om, Learning and Living with roots stemming back in the year 2015. Founder Toshia Shaw, LCSW was a practicing energy healer for people online and in person with clients from all over the world. The people who had healed themselves with her support started to ask for mentorship and certification. Toshia, being obedient to spirit, obliged their request and started the certification process for her students. Understanding the power of body, mind, and spirit, Toshia decided to become a clinical therapist to understand the psychology of the human mind to pair with the spirit. She intertwined this information into her training programs, thus Flowing Lotus Center, LLC., was birthed in 2023 to accommodate the growing need for potential students.


    Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals on their spiritual journey while providing holistic mental health support. We offer a compassionate learning environment where an individual can heal, learn, and become the best version of their highest selves.


    We seek to help people live their truths mindfully, become an advocate for peace, and take that into their own communities to invoke change to create a ripple effect.