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    Flowing Lotus Training Center


    Flowing Lotus Center, LLC., is an online spiritual training institution inspiring the next generation of spiritual healers, and leaders.

    Our History

    Flowing Lotus derived from Empress of Om, Learning and Living with roots stemming back in the year 2015. Founder Toshia Shaw, LCSW was a practicing energy healer for people online and in person with clients from all over the world. The people who had healed themselves with her support started to ask for mentorship and certification. Toshia, being obedient to spirit, obliged their request and started the certification process for her students. Understanding the power of body, mind, and spirit, Toshia decided to become a clinical therapist to understand the psychology of the human mind to pair with the spirit. She intertwined this information into her training programs, thus Flowing Lotus Center, LLC., was birthed in 2023 to accommodate the growing need for potential students.


    Our mission is to offer a compassionate learning environment where an individual can heal, learn, and become the best version of their highest selves.


    We seek to help people live their truths mindfully, become an advocate for peace, and take that into their own communities to invoke change to create a ripple effect.