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    Sound Healer Certification

    Are you interested in learning how to heal others, lead a sound bath and deepen your relationship with sound?

    Do you want to learn to play multiple percussion instruments and use your voice to heal yourself and others?

    Are you ready to add the element of sound to your already existing healing practice or modality?

    Flowing Lotus Center currently hosts virtual/in person Sound Healing Trainings and provides a Sound Healing Certification after completion. Both private & group training are available. These in-depth trainings focus on using your voice, Alchemy, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, gong, various chimes, tuning forks, and more. Particular attention is also given to virtual sessions and how to work with energy through meditation, holding space for your client, and developing your intuitive sound skills.

    Flowing Lotus Center HYBRID Virtual & In-Person Sound Healing Training Starting November 3rd-5th, 2023!

    Sound Healing/Sound Bath training with Toshia, a certified sound healer will prepare you to work with sound energetics and facilitate a private sound healing session and group sessions through the following:

    • Learn Deep Listening to self and others and listening to the space between the sound. How to follow the energetic movement.
    • Working with sound in the energetic field and space
    • Discover how to use singing bowls, gong, and other sound healing instruments
    • Learn how to use your voice to heal, channel and move energy with the instruments and on your own
    • Learn how to use mantras in the sound space
    • Discover Music Theory principles in working with sound and how it relates to the instruments you choose to work with.
    • Learn the Basics of Energy Healing principles and how to apply to sound healing
    • Learn how the chakras and elements apply to choosing instruments and how to work with the body, mind & spirit
    • Learn how to provide a private sound healing session and how to hold space for larger groups and people and manage the energy
    • Learn the basics of successful live streaming with sound.
    • Learn how to hold space and what that means.
    • Discover how to choose your instruments that are in alignment with you and what you are trying to create.
    • Working with rhythmic patterns and how it shifts the energy and induces trance states in a sound bath
    • Discover advanced forms of Meditation with Sound and Expansions in Consciousness.
    • Certification granted upon completion of 5 private healing sessions and 5 group healing sessions post-training.

    30-minute post-session 1-on-1 review with Toshia included  ($199 added value!)

    NEXT HYBRID  TRAINING SCHEDULE:  IN PERSON  weekend includes, meals practice time, recreational time and modest accommodations!

    In-Person & Online Weekend (ONLY 10 spots available for In person) / Hybrid Training will be online for the times will be announced – all sessions will be recorded)