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    Reiki Healer Practitioner Training

    Usui Reiki I

    Reiki I First Degree certification class will teach you the Japanese Reiki Techniques as taught by Dr. Usui.

    You will learn the basics of reiki healing and the power of Spiritually Guided Universal Energy to heal yourself and your loved ones.

    You will also learn:

    •    History & principles of Reiki

    •    How to use the main chakra centers to heal

    •    Body scanning the aura & chakras

    •    Treating yourself with Reiki

    •    How to give a complete Reiki treatment

    •    Hand positions for treating others & pets

    This course will be taught online

    Unleash your healing ability, and learn how to incorporate your ancestry into this healing modality.

    No prior experience necessary.

    Please note that this certification does not allow you to take clients. You will need Reiki I Certification to be eligible to learn Reiki II.

    *This Class is 6 hours over a course of two days, Sat-Sunday 7AM-9AM PST, you must attend both sessions to become certified.

    Reiki II Practitioner Training

    Learn and receive the three powerful, healing symbols that distinguish you as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. These symbols enable you to offer healing energy to deep mental and emotional issues for yourself and others, and to send Distant Healing Reiki to people in other places and/or events.

    Receive the Level II attunement, which allows you to channel greater levels of Reiki energy than as a Level I practitioner. THIS is where you not only grow your technical knowledge of Reiki but you further that path to being Reiki, not just doing Reiki.

    Have the opportunity to practice and further empower the healing abilities of Reiki.

    NOTE: Prerequisite is Level I certification by a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher and approximately One month in-between Level I and Level II training. Certificate of Level I certification will be requested.

    A manual will be provided and each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion. Time will be devoted to practicing the use of symbols and attunements. Please note this certification gives you all the rights and privileges to become a certified Reiki practitioner.

    This is a two day class, you must attend both sessions to become certified.

    Locations both in-person and online. Physical location sent once payment rendered.

    Reiki Master Teacher Training

    Reiki Master Teacher Training Program is an advanced course of study for certification as a Reiki teacher with the Flowing Lotus Center (FLC). Applicants must apply and be accepted into the program in order to begin the training.  The training requires approximately 1000 hours of study and practice which usually takes 1-2 years to complete. The curriculum is designed specifically for Reiki Masters who wish to dedicate themselves to teaching and practicing Reiki on a higher professional level. Some of our teachers operate healing centers. All maintain an active Reiki practice and are committed to empowering others through the use of Reiki. While each student teacher will be assigned a mentor to work with, our program is actually structured so each student teacher becomes an apprentice to the Reiki Energy itself. The following is an overview of the program.


    Having an advanced credential which demonstrates your commitment to your professional Reiki practice.

    A curriculum that includes: business comprehension and organization, marketing, technology, teacher skills, practitioner skills, healing issues that arise, and success consciousness.

    Requirements to Apply

    Be a Reiki Practitioner for a minimum of one year.

    Have completed Reiki I & II training with a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher at the current upgrade level.

    Have attended a Spiritual Retreat online or in-person with Toshia Shaw, founder, LMSW, CSW-I.

    Have a current Reiki practice where you are doing a minimum of 10+ sessions a month.

    Have a computer and a website. Be proficient with Word, be able to attach documents to an email and access and store documents in the cloud. Answer emails within 48 hours.

    Be able to teach Reiki classes online and in-person.

    Complete a business assessment on Google Forms that will be sent to you.

    Pay an application fee of $500.

    Requirements After Being Accepted Into The Program

    Requirements to teach Usui Reiki I and II at the current upgrade level.

    Teach 6 Reiki I and II classes, with a minimum average of 3 students each or a total of 18 or more students during the first year after acceptance into the program. It is optional to teach 2 FLC Animal Reiki I and II classes with up to 6 students as part of this requirement.

    Complete 100 Reiki treatments (after acceptance into the program) and submit documentation of each using the FLC Reiki Treatment Documentation form.

    Have 10 different clients submit reviews of the Reiki treatment they received from you.

    Pass a written test over material you need to know to teach a Reiki I, II, Master class according to the FLC guidelines and your knowledge of other related information concerning Reiki.

    Write a paper on the Reiki subject of your choice with a minimum of 1500 and maximum of 2000 words on double spaced pages.

    Review a Reiki I and II class before co-teaching Reiki I and II.

    Sponsor a Reiki I and II class and co-teach it with your Mentor Teacher.

    Agree to stay up to date with the upgrades to Reiki as they are available.

    Pay a monthly fee and other fees.

    Requirements to teach Usui Reiki Master at the current upgrade level.

    The Flowing Lotus Center Teacher (FLCT) must teach a minimum of six Reiki I & II classes. Each class should have a minimum average of 3 students for a total of 18 or more students. It is optional to teach 2 FLCT Animal Reiki I and II classes with up to 6 students as part of this requirement.

    Teach a minimum of 3 Reiki Master classes with a minimum average of 3 students for a total of nine or more students as an independent teacher. It is optional to teach 1 FLCT Animal Reiki Master class with up to 3 students as part of this requirement.

    Review Reiki Master before co-teaching Reiki Master.

    Sponsor a Reiki Master class and co-teach it with your Mentor Teacher.

    Pay a monthly fee and other fees.

    *Please note I work with Light energy, God/Creator/Source