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    Congratulations to our newest Sound Bowl Practitioner graduate,

    Khaalia Ferrell

    Hi! My name is Khalifa, I have had the Pleasure to receive Sound Healing Training from the Flowing Lotus Center. Sound Healing has been such a powerful tool in my life, I Love the transformative benefits that it has brought to my overall wellness. It is an amazing tool for connecting with the body, rejuvenation, deep relaxation, stress and anxiety release. I am here to curate space for others who are looking to experience the power of sound, I offer private and group Sessions that are personalized to your specific needs. I am so looking forward to holding space for you. <3

    Moment of pure gratitude. @Toshia Shaw I am grateful to be in your lineage. In our ascension, Spirit send us teachers, sangha, and guides who mirror us at our highest selves. I truly believe that this is how we are able to discover each other — even when we are geographically very far away. I used to fall prey to the narrative that I needed someone to teach me everything I wanted to know, that what I was seeking was outside of me.

    I now know that it is all within, and that, if we are open to receiving, Spirit will align us with teachers and guides who will support and uplift us authentically and organically. By activating our solar plexus and our own sense of power, we know that our talents and gifts are within and by keeping steady through our root chakra, we remain grounded as our third eye shines light on souls who will boost our knowing and expand our Being. Doing the Sound Healing Certification with Toshia opened a portal for me that I’ve now been using to receive divine downloads from my ancestors and Source. The same goes for the Spiritual Glow Up Challenge in April.

    – Mariah Emerson, Sound Healer Practioner Graduate

    “Toshia Shaw is a quadruple threat – transformational leader, harrowing speaker, global change agent and all around good human. From the stage to the boardroom to a one-on-one coaching session, and everywhere in between, Toshia has the unique and very special ability to bring people with diverse backgrounds and competing interests together, make them feel heard, make them feel safe, and above all else, make them feel healed. Through her powerful example of overcoming sex trafficking and a history of gendered violence, Toshia is showing women how to reclaim power in their lives, make peace with their pasts and write their own beautiful next chapters. She is a woman to watch…and to have in your corner.”


    ​”Anyone can get in front of a room and speak to groups of people, however, not many can be transparent. Transparent and compassion are two words that came to my mind when I heard Ms. Shaw speak on this epidemic that has robbed the innocence of young girls and women, a virus called “sex trafficking” and its constituent prostitution. To be transparent and share the dark, horrific pain of your own life takes courage and boldness….she connected with every face present among the room. Even those that silenced their pain out of fear or embarrassment, it was as if she was holding every one’s hand, imparting hope, strength, and faith.”

    “I just wanted to take a moment out to explain how thankful I am to the Creator for sending me your way!
    I have been struggling with depression and a host of other personal issues in my personal life surrounding the untimely death of my mother. That being said; I was quite hesitant to sign up for your Traumatic Life Coaching services but continued to follow your page for sometime before making that leap of faith! Well to make a long story short! I’m about 5 sessions in and I have made some amazing progress working through my grief that a year of traditional counseling didn’t!
    Your compassion, your energy and your light etc. if bottled up could heal the world. Thanks for assisting me on this difficult journey to restoring happiness and peace in my life because it hasn’t been an easy one! Thanks again for just being you and following your calling you definitely are doing what you have been called to do!!!!!!!”

    D. Woods

    “Your amazing IG videos introduced me to soundbaths so I have been listening to them on YT but nothing comes close to you. Your energy & connection with the sound bowls is unmatched. There is something so ASMR about the way you do it.”



    “The Spiritual Glow-Up came at such a Divine time in my life. Toshia guides you through with her loving and compassionate presence, and the community (sangha) built around her practice is light filled. This is an experience that truly meets you where you are, and elevates you from there – if you all it to. Surrender to Spirit with this beautiful course.”


    “After my injury in May 2019, my spiritual journey began. I started seeing life differently. I couldn’t walk for 4 months. Life slowed all the way down for me. I was able to actually take deep breaths, and experience what it felt like living in the present. As time went by, I started discovering myself and spending a lot of time with myself. As I started watching you tube videos on spirituality and hearing about other peoples spiritual journey, I knew there was something missing in my journey. I felt like I needed to dive deeper. I asked my cousin at the end of March 2020, if she knew someone who could help me with my spiritual journey. She sent me Toshia’s Instagram page. And there you have it! It happened in divine order! Toshia was going to start a Spiritual Glow-Up class April 1st 2020. I thought to myself “Well.. you said you want guidance with your spiritual journey, lets pay this class and get it in!”. This was one of the best experience I ever had in my life. I got to connect with beautiful souls in this class AND I got to connect with the wonderful Goddess Toshia. I enjoyed every moment of this class. If I were to do it all over again, I would without any hesitation! Toshia is the sister I’ve been missing in my whole entire life. My spiritual bae sisters were so supportive, loving and welcoming. This class has showed me that I am not the only one who was experiencing difficulty and confusion with the spiritual journey. Everyone’s journey will not be the same. If you need knowledge, deeper connection with yourself and support from others who actually understand what spiritual journey means, then this class is for you. I’d take this class all over again if I have to. Best experience thus far!” J. E.

    To my spiritual Mother Toshia, thank you for being the most down to earth spiritually grounded facilitator I know. This 30 day Spiritual Glow-Up Challenge has been so beautiful and right on time for this Journey in my life. Although it was hard at times, the tools that Toshia provided helped me to stay the course, do the work and finish strong. I encourage anyone who wants to begin the healing and growth process start Here! Toshia provides such a loving and safe space for all of her spiritual Bae’s! Thank you again. #Gratitude #ImASpiritualBae


    The Spiritual Glow-Up Challenge is a Jewel! The Creator brought me here! The class was much needed to me. Every topic of discussion, I felt like it was directing it to me! It is definitely an eye opener! Before the class, I was certainly at a low vibration, dealing with a relationship for 10+ years, and finally I was able to let it go! Toshia guided me thru it, and the ladies in the group was so supportive! I surrendered to my spirit, and let it go. Now, I have learned to love myself. I smile at everything i see!I see sunshine everyday now! This class has completely changed me, I feel like a newborn! Thank you Toshia!



    Toshia, you are one hell of a spiritual warrior! For that I’m so thankful to have found you! The manifest masterclass is IT! The best class I’ve taken in a long time. If you are down for freeing yourself from being in bondage. I believe it’s the route you would benefit from taking! Be blessed!


    This class I felt was sent to me by God and meeting Toshia and you wonderful ladies was something sent by God. I was going thru it tough times, lack of confidence, hurt, insecurities, lack of love, everything you can think of. This class made me stop, evaluate and look within self to want to work on self and change. I may not have manifested much during this challenge but this course made me work on self first (which I have a lot more work to do lol) then when I’m at my best I’m ready to manifest my desires. I wish this challenge was longer but all good things come to an end. But I learned some things about myself that I never knew and most importantly I learned to invest and pour into myself first before anyone else. I always put myself last to make sure all was good or subconsciously didn’t think I was good enough for good things but I know better now. I’m practicing gratitude more than ever now. I’d like to thank you ladies and Toshia for our Monday convos and opening up to each other to have a safe space.


    This journey has been amazing thanks to Toshia. Learning the ability to honour recognize, and truly love your spirit is amazing. I am so grateful to have lined up with Toshia in this lifetime. I’ve completed the Spiritual Glow Up, Manifestation Masterclass, now onto Sacral Healing and Self Help. Toshia made herself available to her students. Weekly group calls, one on one chats, emails, And phone calls (if required) showed me how important Toshia views us as students in her sanga (group). Thank you so much Toshia. You have a guided me on an amazing journey and will forever be thankful.



    Take a journey with the vibration of crystal singing bowls, and other percussive instruments for alternative treatment for problems like anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and PTSD.

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